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I have to say that it really wasn't as completely terrible as I expected it to be. Some of the acting is pretty atrocious. And the CGI is pathetic. And, the lighting and camerawork are uninspired. But, it does move along at a pretty brisk pace and it is rarely ever boring. It's just often very lazy.

I think my biggest criticism really is that the whole thing seems like no one really cared, except maybe the the costumer. It comes across as a fan film trying to remake Coppola's Dracula. Like one of the "Sweded" films from "Be Kind Rewind". They just had access to some better sets and costumes than the average kid in Spokane. Outside of some nice depth of field and a modicum of nice lighting in the cemetery, it's hard to believe that this is the work of a seasoned pro. As, someone else already commented, the whole thing looks like it crawled out of one of those FMV video games that were so popular around 20 years ago.
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