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Originally Posted by fattyjoe37 View Post
I'm interested in building my LD collection, with a focus being on widescreen films only available in fullscreen on VHS or DVD and sets with exclusive bonus features.
I would think that's a pretty small number.

If I was going to give advice to a new LD collector who is a horror fan, I'd say look for anything from Elite Entertainment and possibly The Roan Group (I.E., make that your E-bay search criteria). As already mentioned, the SE of Night of the Living Dead is a must-have, due to the stills collection.

I never made it a major goal to collect a lot of Japanese discs of American movies but there's a lot of highly sought after titles, like the "perfect' collections of Dawn of the Dead or Phenomena. One I do have, and highly recommend is the Japan issue of Evil Dead. It really does have a great look to it.

If you're a fan of Hong Kong movies like I am, Laserdisc is a needed element in your home theater. While many of the big name movies (I.E., John Woo, Jackie Chan, Jet Li) have gotten decent releases on DVD and Blu-Ray, a lot of great movies are either not available on the smaller disc format, or absolute shit shows. Like, they're non-anamorphic, and even worse, the subtitles are below the picture in the letterboxed area so you can't zoom in. You have to watch them letterboxed AND windowboxed (I'm assuming you have a 16x9 display). The HK Lasers were created from theatrical prints, with burned-in subtitles. Usually dual language, Chinese and English, and sometimes white on white. Not to mention they're often poor translations, but it's part of the charm. Note, do not go after the Tai Seng American releases if you can avoid it. Often a cruddy picture, and the above mentioned issue of subs below the image.

Finally, if you're a music fan, you will find there's a LOT of music video collections that are only available on LD with great sound too. One of my favorites is "Squeeze Play", which is a collection of the music videos made by the band Squeeze. They made some very creative videos, and there's two live clips with fantastic sound.
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