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Right on. Glad you guys liked my letter and it was cool to hear that I was the first e-mail. I'm also a big fan of Profondo Cinema and had my fave films of the '90s list read on there last year. It's another really great cast for sure. I probably spend more time with podcasts than watching films in my spare time, so I'm always happy to get hooked on a new show. I'm a huge fan of both versions of MBV, too. I grew up in the Maritimes and I've been to some of the area where they filmed the original. Unfortunately, hadn't seen the film at that time or I'd have geeked out a lot more. Haven't heard your full ep. yet, so not sure if you guys dug the remake, but I considered it one of the best and my favorite recent 3D film easily. Anyway, I'm going to look into your facebook group. I think I'm on there, but I can't keep track of all this shit anymore. LOL.
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