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Originally Posted by Sinister Ash View Post
Saw this the other day going in without expectations since the original is one of my favorite movies.

I actually liked how they tweaked the original story to keep the mystery from 1987 fans and kept it fresh by introducing some new ideas to develop on. It was also fun to see the nods to the original as well.

I think if you go in without comparing it to the original (which is hard) you might be pleasantly surprised. Pacing felt brisk despite the 121 min run time and that is saying a lot because I can hardly sit through many of the 90 min movies made these days.
Totally agree. I went to see it only because I had some free movie cash, and honestly wasn't expecting too much based on the trailer... but it was surprisingly enjoyable! As a remake, it added enough original elements and changes to the basic story to be thoroughly engaging. I'm quite surprised it hasn't done better at the box office.

The production/costumes design and visual effects were particularly good. And the nods in the music score, etc. were great additions. And damn it looked good on the big screen fine visual detail galore.

Is it as good as the original? Well, no... but it's different at least, and not just a straight simplistic clone of it.

I'll definitely buy the Blu-ray when it comes out.
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