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Originally Posted by Zillamon51 View Post
I'm sorry, but this looks terrible. I like Phantasm, I LOVE II, III sucks, and IV has grown on me. But the time for this has long passed. The actors were already showing their age in IV. Sixteen years after the last sequel, we are supposed to buy the original cast playing the same characters? Especially the main villain, who is supposed to be timeless? The Lady in Lavender, who is supposed to be seductive? The main hero, still kicking ass? No, no, and no. And don't even get me started on the SPFX. That bazooka shot looks like a stock effect any kid could use in a YouTube vid. The giant sphere at the end? Terrible! Hey kid, the fake birds don't sell it! It's like something out of a fake fan-made trailer. They should have taken the money and rebooted this, cuz you just can't go back.
Clearly it's being made for the fans. And clearly the majority are excited for it. We are willing to overlook shortcomings in effects and age because we love the movies.

For all we know, the effects are work in progress. He did mention that they only just started the effects.
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