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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
Exactly, and really if you're a true fan of this series then none of the points that zillamon raises matters. If the only film in the series that you can say you love is the one that Coscarelli had the least amount of creative control on, then Part 5 wasn't meant or made for you. No offense, zilla, but you just don't get it. Nothing about this series is meant to be realistic, literal, or linear.
WELL PUT. I feel the same way about this series and I'm just insanely happy that they're going for one last hurrah while they can. I love the series and the characters enough that I'm probably going to be pretty forgiving if they had to make this happen on a shoestring, at least it's happening! By the way, apparently Phantasm V is "trending" on twitter right now. I'm no twatter but I believe that means it's a fairly popular subject at the moment...
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