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Phantasm 4: Could Mike be the Tall man

I picked up a few things on a recent re-watch. First, the Tall Man leaves Mike his suit in the hurst. Reggie also has a dream in which Mike looks like the Tall Man. Mike also makes what looks to be a prototype sphere during his experiments with his new found power. I know the obvious conclusion would be that the Tall Man is grooming Mike to be like him. But what if that's not the case and some kind of Terminator paradox is going on? Now, in this installment, we find the portals can lead to different moments in time as we see an old man that looks like The Tall Man before he was evil. What if Mike took his form because he was the creator of the portal technology? After all, The Tall Man has many forms. I'm thinking every time a new Tall Man comes through the gate after being defeated, it is another product of all the events prior, that it's Mike at the end of his journey. Even Jody says Jebediah never comes back through the gate. How it all started with this theory however, I haven't the slightest clue. But, it's Phantasm, so it doesn't need to make perfect sense. For all we know it could be, "all in his head."

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