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Originally Posted by Matt89 View Post
Woah wtf? Good quality control, Arrow. I ordered this back in August from amazon and it came with the corrected disc. I'm sure they'll replace it no problem.

Originally Posted by X-human View Post
Ah shit. Really? Last I heard they'll send you a disc, you just have to pay $5 S&H. At that price I can live without the 6 seconds (nearly a dollar a second) since it's just the first 6 seconds of credits.

Damn, I bought it too. I thought someone said Arrow's site had the new discs now so I went for it. I wouldn't have pulled the trigger had I known. I'm thinking about returning the whole thing as defective instead.
Yes, it's definitely the defective disc that I received in mine. The running time is 1:31:11 (6 seconds short) and the disc's recording date is 11/13/2012. I also checked the unique Disc ID in DVDProfiler, and it matches the original uncorrected disc.

As long as they'll send me the corrected problem. I ain't paying more for their mistake though! I guess these things happen, but it's lame that it's still out there well over a year after the issue was noted, and coming direct from the studio.
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