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That might be the case Doombear, that's what I always thought myself, but the time travel aspect seemed to lend this possibility watching it again the other night.

I don't know Mok... The series has its share of inconsistencies and dream like logic, but the fact that the Tall Man wants to kill him in the first one does make it strange. Hell, much of the first film may have not even happened though. It could have been a premonition of what was to come because from part II and onward, the Tall Man wants him alive. The two things that throw me off are that the Tall Man has a gold sphere in his head (Mike's is silver) and the biggest wtf would be the question of how it all started. Then again, Terminator has that same wtf question when it came to John Connor's father. Also, anybody ever wonder why there is only one Tall Man at a time?

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