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Originally Posted by KGBRadioMoskow View Post
The bones were sans skin and most flesh, but still fresh blood colored. Even discounting why the disposed undead would, in this instance, leave a pile of fresh blooded bones, for what reason would those disposing of them skin them afterwards?

Again, the bones were skinless and stripped, but not clean colored (when corpses rot down to just bone, those bones tend to look fairly drab, not red and with fresh pieces remaining). Unless that mass execution was by filleting, that wasn't the cause.
We're never given the time to inspect the remains for more than a split second, so really trying to state the precise condition of the remains is still pretty speculative. All I can say is that it was an awful lot of bodies to be "fresh". They'd have to have one hell of a voracious appetite, and not only that, but extremely fast at slaughtering.
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