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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
We're never given the time to inspect the remains for more than a split second, so really trying to state the precise condition of the remains is still pretty speculative. All I can say is that it was an awful lot of bodies to be "fresh". They'd have to have one hell of a voracious appetite, and not only that, but extremely fast at slaughtering.
In this age of DVR, 'time to inspect' is no longer an issue. You can play, replay, and pause to your hearts content. No speculation needed.

And given the number of people shown both inside the compound and outside it, there looked to be plenty of mouths to feed. And experienced butcher(s) (or many rural farmers, for that matter) can process a fair number of corpses fairly quick. Add in basic meat preservation techniques, and even the quibble requiring a ravenous appetite goes away.

In fact, it makes more sense to slaughter and process as quickly as you can - when getting maximum caloric input is a necessity, feeding an animal to make food is an incredibly wasteful choice. Wasting food on them just to keep them "fresh" until you're ready to eat them is a luxury that cannot be afforded - instead you kill them fairly quick (with some cautionary quarantine time) and process/eat what you can in the moment.

Now there is one part of the scene, IMO, that does fail the inspection assumption. In my experience when a rib cage of an animal is processed for meat, the ribs are not left as an intact group and all still attached to vertebrae. What would be discarded in a refuse pile would thus just be loose bones. But then chalk that up to showbiz decision making, not realism - such a scene wouldn't have had the same unambiguous impact.
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