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Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
An experienced butcher in this day in age is still largely dependent upon electricity, and there's seemingly not much of that going around. The refrigeration alone... Or a simpler explanation is that they could be feeding the zombies that are conspicuously absent from the perimeter. They probably have them all in a subbasement.
Having personally watched chickens, rabbits, and once even a pig being gutted and processed using manual cutting instruments, I can definitely state you're drastically over-estimating the need for electricity. And with smoking or salting techniques, refrigeration is irrelevant.

As for feeding zombies, that makes even less sense - who would bother wasting their time processing a corpse to feed zombies? Given the messy eating habits of the latter, they certainly didn't leave those nice cleanly picked but still relatively intact bones themselves.

Originally Posted by maybrick View Post
The thing to me that makes this whole enterprise unrealistic is that you could convince more than a handful of people that eating people is okay in an environment where food can be grown, game can be hunted, and there are still houses left to be scavenged from. I don't buy it.
That walled and fenced, maze like compound looks mighty slim on secure places to grow food. Which - absent modern conveniences (as you like to bring up) such as industrial fertilizer, pesticide, irrigation, and combustion engine farm equipment - is highly unlikely to sustain a sizeable population.

Scavenging houses is a diminishing resource not up to the many months the series has established as having elapsed. Consider how much food the average person has in their home, then subtract how much is perishable, then subtract how much is consumed in the time period between when regional resupplies were cut off but most residents weren't yet dead, then eliminate from that a portion to pests or natural disaster. Now apply what remains to feeding many scavenging mouths for many months. Take a populace unwilling or incapable of wandering far from their safe residence (or even if they are), the amount of non-perishable foodstuffs left to scavenge just doesn't add up.

As for hunting, again, have you done any serious looking into just how little food one can sustainably obtain by hunting in the average post industrial age rural American setting, assuming there are even enough people in the group experienced with hunting (and not having to spend as much of their time ducking zombies)? A couple people picking off rabbits and squirrels to keep themselves trudging along is itself a stretch, but if you think a small town is going to keep itself going that way you're way off base.

Now am I convinced the assumption of what the folks are really eating is correct? Not yet, nor do I particularly care given the shock factor driven nature of the show means anything goes and it’s all just a whim of the writers carnival ride anyway. But every one of your reasons/examples of why things aren't what many viewers are assuming make even less rational sense or flat out don't match what was shown. Bottom line is you might be right in your objection, you're just doing a real poor job of making your case.
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