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By the creators own admission, absolutely nothing in this episode conclusively equals cannibalism. It's all supposition based upon what people know from the comics. It's like how creationists begin at a preconceived notion and then proceed to look for proof to support their belief rather than how a scientist is supposed to look at the evidence and then draws a conclusion. Yes, it could be cannibalism, and I'm sure that the writers are eluding to that intentionally for the benefit of readers. But given what we can see there are easily at least a few other viable explanations to what is happening. Rick could have failed a test by drawing his weapon. Maggie and Glen could've similarly failed the test. The group could conceivably be the bad guys of the story. We don't know anything.

And I don't know if I'd consider Terminus a small town. It seems like there are only about 20 tops in their group. In a world with few humans and no annual hunting season to keep numbers down, it shouldn't be inconceivable that a group that size could survive in that fashion.

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