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Originally Posted by Mr.G View Post
Agreed. I'm glad I made a pilgrimage there before it was remodeled. It may not look quite the same but just knowing the greatest zombie film was made there still makes it worth a visit. There is even a small info section in the mall stating the film was shot there.
I did see that small shrine when I was there. I actually snuck into the hallway to the boiler room. I didn't go any further than the hallway to avoid arrest. JCPenney was great. The elevator and escalator were the same (I rode them both). I started taking pictures until I was approached by a manager thinking that I was an employee from a competitor. When I explained why I was taking photos, he was cool with it. Next I visited the cemetery from Night of the Living Dead. That was a lot of fun as well. One day I'll go back to view the rest of the attractions from the original trilogy.
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