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Originally Posted by Anaestheus View Post
Exorcist - I know I've brought this up elsewhere, but I just never felt it was scary. Effects and acting are excellent, but I never felt that invested in Reagan to worried for her and she/Pazuzu didn't really seem to pose much of a threat to anyone else other than suffering from elevated heating bills and having to have the carpet cleaned on a regular basis.
Just wanted to comment that horror movies have never really scared me; it's not something I look for to call it "good." I mean, sure when I was 5 even Young Frankenstein could be scary at times, but whenever I enjoy a horror film it's not because it overall scared me or gave me even just one fright.

I also have a hard time imaging the large bulk of posters here watching these films in a fetal position, their hands over their eyes except for the tiny sliver when you take a peak.

For me genre's like Crime or Drama and even the occasional toothless Thrillers do a better job at suspense to me than horror films. The good ones have the luxury of building characters first and foremost. I think Inland Empire was the last film to have me "scared" purely because it builds to the point where literally anything could happen. I hadn't gotten a knot in my stomach like that for a long nor had I gotten one since. And while it speaks of ghosts and hauntings I don't think anyone considers it supernatural horror.
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