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Originally Posted by DVD-fanatic-9 View Post
Lamberto Bava never made "thinking-man's" horror flicks.
Perhaps he didn't, and that's okay. But I at least think the equally silly Monster Shark is fun. A Blade in the Dark just doesn't have much to recommend it for a movie that generally seems to be rated high.

Originally Posted by rift View Post
That boggles my mind. Dawn of the Dead had everything a teenager or kid could want: wish fulfillment of zombie apocalypse, wish fulfillment of living in a mall and having the run of it, maurauding biker gang, great unrated gore, downer quasi-philosophical message with a glimmer of hope, real filmmaking from an auteur director working outside of the studio system...did I mention living in an awesome big ass mall and having the run of the place?
And there, I think, is why the movie doesn't excite me. That's a whole lot of flavours for one movie. One overly long movie. And I'm not saying that it's a bad movie or undeserving of its iconic status, but I didn't derive the viewing pleasure from it that I do from more focused genre classics from that decade, like Halloween, Carrie, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Omen, or Alien.
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