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Originally Posted by Katatonia View Post
Yes, it's definitely the defective disc that I received in mine. The running time is 1:31:11 (6 seconds short) and the disc's recording date is 11/13/2012. I also checked the unique Disc ID in DVDProfiler, and it matches the original uncorrected disc.
Mine's running time is also 1:31:11. I watched the end of the opening credits and there is the "jump" cut between instead of a smooth cut. Kinda like the old battered prints with American titles spliced in any old way.

I doubled checked online and the boat-gate disc's inner ring says A0102058342-B912 100 and mine says that.

The corrected disc has an inner ring: A0102067063-B911 100

They'd been selling the faulty disc themselves for awhile now it would seem and it's pretty douchey of them. I suppose it makes it easier to say, "Yep they have the bad disc alright cause we sold it to them."

I might ask for a replacement on that principle alone. Plus my case was damaged on Zombi 2 so I'm a little unhappy about that too (though I doubt the replacement comes in a case).
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