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Originally Posted by dave13 View Post
Really enjoyed the Harryhausen episode. In fact, I didn't have anything else to listen to recently, so I listened to it twice! I'm definitely on board with the "...and more" aspect of the show - this and the Xmas episode were a nice change of pace.

On a tangential note, you mention watching things like Clash of the Titans and Ghostbusters with your son. That's something I'm looking forward to with our 22-month old daughter, but at the moment she can barely sit still for 10 minutes of Barney. I thought that our kids were around the same age, but now I'm not so sure. If your son IS only around 2 years old, then that's amazing that he can actually sit with you and find some kind of entertainment in a show that doesn't revolve around singing and dancing or big bright pictures of animals and things like that.
Thanks once again for the kind words Dave, it makes all the time spent putting it together that much more worth it! Sometimes while editing the episodes I think to myself "This is terrible, who would ever want to waste their times listening to this?", so it's nice to hear positive feedback. We were a little worried about that episode, mostly Matty, but I had a lot of fun with those movies. The great thing about doing this podcast is it is making me get around to watching so many movies that have been sitting in my unwatched pile for so long instead of just throwing in the same films again and again. And yeah, we will be trying to do more of the "and More" episodes, as sometimes too much horror can burn you out. For next month we plan to tackle some Godzilla flicks, the X-Men series, and an episode dedicated to Tom Cruise, since if you haven't learnt by now, I am a huge fan haha.

As for our son sitting and watching certain shows/ movies, sometimes he gets up and runs around in the middle of them, but certain movies/ shows he will actually sit and watch them right to the end. The Despicable Me movies were the first movies he would really sit and watch. Then to my surprise I threw on an episode of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon and he loved it! He always asks me to put it on now, and will sit and watch an episode or two. Not to mention, any time he hears the theme song he gets excited and will stop what he's doing to dance to it, and sings the part where they yell "Ghostbusters". It's awesome!

And yeah, for the Harryhausen flicks he would sit down and watch them, I guess because he likes creatures and monsters. He sat and watched at least 20 min. of Clash with me until it got to the Medusa scene and my girlfriend thought it was inappropriate, which is understandable haha. He will sit and watch My Pet Monster and The Simpsons as well, although I have realized how inappropriate Simpsons is at times for young children haha. He was loving the Avengers cartoon from a few years ago as well, but then he starting thinking he was the Hulk, so we have temporarily cut him off that for the time being. But he is definitely showing an interest in superheroes, and he knows who Spider-Man is, which is making me happy!

It's weird, as I never thought I would be worried about what I show him, and what is appropriate and all that haha. I hope in the Fall I can show him the Universal monster movies, as they aren't bad are they? I love that he is getting to that age where is not only enjoying, but showing a real interest in cool stuff like Ghostbusters, superheroes, monsters, dinosaurs, etc. It gives me an excuse to watch these shows from my childhood, and play with the cool action figures haha. The only bad thing is, it's hard to find merch. for a lot of these old cartoons (The only good thing that would come out of a Ghostbusters 3). I found myself getting excited to see the new Godzilla toys, just because I would have an excuse now to purchase them for him haha.
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