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Friday 5 is lower tier Friday for me, so as much as I love the series, I can't vote for it. It's still better than part 8 and the New Line stuff, but that's not saying much.

I actually enjoy Halloween 5 and Silent Night, Deadly Night 5, but the only movie on this list that I really love is Final Destination 5. It was a nice return to form after the abysmal part 4 that I thought had killed the series Part 5 made me remember why I enjoy these flicks so much. I liked that they took the series down a different path in this film, the deaths were as always a lot of fun (The opening in 3D was amazing!), and the ending was just the cherry on top.

I still need to finish the Frankenstein Hammer series. I wish they weren't so hard to find on DVD, and the fact that they aren't all on Blu by now is a real shame!
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