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Although I disagree about rooting for Hannibal.
One (of the many) things that really turned me off of the Hopkins films is that you are rooting for Hannibal at the end of "Silence.." You want him to be free to go after Chilton. And for all his manipulation he ends up only helping Clarice catch the "real" villain of the film and come to terms with her own issues. By the end, he is portrayed as someone who only kills "the bad" people.

And, in "Hannibal" he basically becomes a guardian angel for Clarice. And, I don't think there are any points in that film where you are hoping that he gets caught. Granted, at least "Hannibal" had the sense to portray a world so ugly that it makes sense that Hannibal becomes a hero of sorts.

Whereas, I think Mikkelsen's Hannibal shows us how seductive and charming he is, but you never once forget the malevolence that motivates him.

I know Hopkins has many many admirers. And I don't mean to imply that any of them are "wrong." But, I've never really warmed to him as a actor and I rarely like him in any of his performances. But his (and Demme's) presentation of the character has always bothered me. Some of that is Hopkins fault. But, admittedly, a larger portion is probably Demme's. Or maybe Harris'.
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