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Originally Posted by elDomenechHDG View Post
It never crossed my mind that they could also license Eurohorror in addition to US films. It's a good thing, I suppose, but there have been so many of those already released that I'm sort of burned out on them. We need a US label that'll focus on US and Canadian slasher films - something we never had. BU, Synapse, Severin, AB, and, yes, Mya and all those guys specialized in Eurohorror. Eurohorror done correctly is a new concept, though. Midnight Legacy tried and failed miserably but maybe Slasher Video could have a go at it.
I think it's good that companies are broad in their horror releases. Synapse is tackling a few CA horrors with Curtains and Prom Night and BU recently gave us the Maniac Cop sequels. Plus Scream Factory has been releasing tons of American horror.

Midnight Legacy did an incredible job with Alien 2. It's one of the best looking transfers I've seen and it's of an old, low budget, pretty much unheard of title. I wish they were still doing stuff because they at least knew how to release quality in terms of picture and sound.
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