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Originally Posted by X-human View Post
It's become abundantly clear that some people just don't give a damn about quality and so I wonder why they waste their time and money on HD at all. They just want something that's cheap. If you just want a cheap Demons steelbook on the newest fangled format then buy the Arrow release. Why are we still talking in circles about this?
Because from Twilight Time to Synapse's Demons to Shout!'s Nightbreed LE, this shows a disturbing trend of releases with unusually high price tags, that are also promoted as limited, meaning fans have no choice but to pay up now if they want a title, or miss out altogether. It also encourages scalpers to buy up stock just to re-sell at inflated prices on the secondary market. No one complains about the high price tag on Criterion titles, because we know the quality is there, and they don't pull that "Only 3,000 made! Buy now or miss out!" bullshit. But we're being forced to pony up for Nightbreed now, at double a Criterion price, w/o knowing what kind of quality to expect. Otherwise, I don't mind the high prices on Shout!'s Scream Factory SEs, because they tend to be good quality and packed with extras. And they're not limited. I detest Twilight Time, who charge the same (or more) as Scream, but limited and w/o extras. I've heard the quality on Demons is great, and I appreciate it, but with so much stuff coming out, and money being tight, I'd appreciate being able to wait a year or two to pick it up, or get it on sale somewhere, but "NO, IT'S LIMITED! ONLY 100 LEFT! ORDER NOW!!1"
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