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Originally Posted by Crystal Plumage View Post
Hopefully this will be part of my next order. A Few expensive ones, so I think I'll only add some music to the mix later on :P :
  • Death Occurred Last Night (RARO)
  • Gang War in Milan (RARO)
  • Formula For a Murder (Shameless)
  • Bava Book (or Giallo Book pt.1?) by Troy Howarth
  • The Killer Reserved Nine Seats (Camera Obscura)
  • Nine Guests for a Crime (Camera Obscura)
  • Four Flies on Grey Velvet (KOCH)
  • Johnny Hamlet (KOCH)
Johnny Hamlet is definitely one of the really good spaghetti westerns. And one of the very, very few where a Mexican is actually cast as a Mexican! The great Gilbert Roland. I own the Koch dvd myself.
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