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Ugh. One of the biggest pieces of shit I wasted money blind buying off ebay (y'know, in the days before download). But it's probably worth a small fortune now because of the label it's on.

Female horror fans and torture films just don't mix.

Originally Posted by CPT HOOK View Post
I hear this one's pretty nasty, but if there's entertainment value in there, I'll be able to appreciate it.
Not unless you call women being whipped and chained as entertainment. I can tolerate and even enjoy torture porn, to an extent, but there's not much to recommend about this film. It's incredibly ugly to boot, cinematically speaking, so it's not even a filmic experience you can enjoy, in that sense. (I hated I Spit... but at least the surrounds were pretty.) Imagine a five minute porn loop extended to 90 minutes. Only with less story!

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