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* When the hell is John Carpenter gonna get off his ass & direct a film? He should of shot Zombie in the head for attempting to remake Halloween. It disgusts me to no end.

* Love the Saw films. Tone down the gore, and I would still like them. Its the playout of the traps and the endings that draws me to the film.

* Don't get Takashi Miike films. And Eli Roth is a hack for putting him in his film. Why? One garbage film maker putting another in his movie. Whoopie!

* If the "MTV world" never gave the attention to Eli Roth's first film. He would be unheard of today. Too bad. They were going on & on about how sick & gross it was. Are they kinding? It was silly. Tired of Eli going on & on & on about the shaving scene. Sure if you think a silly purple leg with grade school DRAWN on holes is gross, that there's no hope for you. Silly, Silly, Silly!!!

* Guinea Pig, Oldboy, etc.... all mindless stuff. Are they trying to gross people out? Not with me. Stupid waste of time. I watch real surgeries on TLC , no problem. At least I'm learning something there.

* While Dawn of the Dead is a great film, its kinda boring at times. Maybe thats why they NEVER play it on cable. Only the remake. Which I've grown to really like.

* Can watch TCM part 2 & 3 over TCM part 1 any day.

* Agree with some others on Halloween III. Wish it wasn't part of the series. It should stand on its own.

* Wes Craven early films are bad. Hey, you got to start somewhere.

* I like Nicholas Cage films.

* Although I absolutely love Friday the 13th Part 7, I have been known to turn the ending off after the explosion. It really bothers me. Along with Jason goes to Hell. I always hated New Line for taking control of the series. Who cares that Paramount was bad on the dvd releases. At least they didn't destroy the series.

* I like Leviathan & Deep Star Six

* I dig most Troma films.

* Whats with Death Proof & the hood riding scene? What people never seen a car stunt before? Get a hold of yourself.

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