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Joe Six-Pack
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Dawn of the Dead (78) 3-d!! plus sequel

The 3-d release sounds great, not sure about the sequel though (Day 2 comes to mind!). Anyway, from fangoria.com:

May 14: Romero’s DAWN returns—in 3-D!

Producer Richard Rubinstein gave Fango the scoop on a wild development concerning an upcoming revival of George A. Romero’s DAWN OF THE DEAD. Rubinstein, the man responsible for producing many of Romero’s films as well as the 2004 DAWN remake, is planning to rerelease the 1979 zombie epic in true 3-D! In-Three, Inc. of Agoura Hill, CA will be responsible for the “dimensionalization” process.

“When Mike Messina [another producer on the DAWN redux] and I began to investigate using In-Three’s technique, I was very skeptical,” Rubinstein tells Fango. “I couldn’t see how it could be used without re-editing George’s film, which I was not going to do. I was also concerned that converting a 29-year-old movie would not be competitive qualitatively with the new 3-D live-action features being shot today. I was wrong in both cases. George’s DAWN OF THE DEAD can be reformatted into 3-D without any editing, and the image looks spectacular! As it stands now, it will take about a year to complete the conversion of the whole film.” Indeed, In-Three’s work has been hailed by George Lucas, James Cameron and Peter Jackson, among others.

Lucky FANGORIA chief Tony Timpone got a 3-D sneak of several scenes of the 3-D DAWN in NYC and came away suitably impressed. "I was blown away over how easily DAWN OF THE DEAD lends itself to 3-D," he says. "This is not a gimmick. Romero's film looks better than ever, and the extra dimension adds, well, another vibrant dimension to Romero's masterpiece. I can't wait to see the final product when it emerges in 2009. The idea of seeing a spiffed up DAWN (the original!) on the big screen again is a cause for celebration."

Rubinstein also has plans to create a direct sequel to the original DAWN (!) and will be producing a new screen adaptation of Frank Herbert’s DUNE, to be directed by Peter (THE KINGDOM) Berg. Keep checking this site for further developments on both DAWN projects. —Chris Haberman
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