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Is some very good deal in Zellers. I go to the Zellers and I see so many 2.99 dvds and I want all of them so I now I cant carry so I ask the person work there that I want 1 copy of every movie in this bin and they look at me funny and he go away. So I wait so I can see him maybe he is come back with a box to help me but he never come so I go talk him again and say excuse can you help me because I want one copy of each movie in this bin and he say ohhhh I think you are joking! I say no!!!!

So here is the dvds I get for 2.99 each. Also I make comment on ones I already see with hilight color.

Bloody Murder (garbage)
Jackhammer Massacre (Bad-Average has moments, this guy is kill people with jackhammer but is has to be plug into electric socket to work, strange because if people run away they not to be killed, but they dont.)
The Mailman
House That Dripped Blood
Love Object (Pretty good)
Lost Souls (Not very good, is ok)
Motorhome Massacre (Garbage so bad is good , make me laugh because so stupid some parts)
King Kong Original b/w (Very good)
Monsterman (good)
The Nun
Slaughterhouse Massacre (Garbage)
The Stalker
Cube Zero (Average - Is ok but not to be need to make. Some of characters is silly acting and stranged. Some part is intrest but some is not. Watch original Cube movie instead.)
Curse of The Devil
Twists of Terror
Dark Fields
Red Riding Hood
Dark Town
Devils Backbone (Good)
Cutthroat Alley
Martin (Average-Is ok, good to see early work from Savini and story is ok)
The Legend of Ghostwolf
Graveyard Alive
3 Extremes 2
666 Demon Child (Garbage)
Are You Scared
Attack of The Sabretooth (Garbage worse CGI I ever see in the ending of this movie)
Beyond Reanimator
Dark Hours (Good)
Dead Doll
Blackwater Vallery Exorcism
Eye 2 (Good)
The Butcher
Carnosaur 2
Chopping Mall
Juon 2
Switch Killer
Tick Tock (Good) This dvd is surprise good because I am expected crap but is defective this dvd. When I put inside player is say disc error but then I press play and is play good so is just maybe error with reading the dvd when is first insert just in case this problem is happen to other people. I try 3 difrent dvd player as is say error every time put work fine when I press play.
Tamara (average - some good killings)
Toolbox Murders (remake)
Twisted Sisters (Average but bad because this is heavy edits- I hear about this movie before so I am intrest to see but when I see I am very disapoint because is edit. This is Canadian version distribute from Maple and is missing 7 minutes of fotage. Is missing a sex scene when after she do oral sex she is cut off his castration and also many scenes of nudity. Is strange to understand because is a scene where she put a firecracker in the rectum of the man and is explode his rectum and intestine and this scene is include but not the castration. Also is strange because the scenes that is edit is parts to be seen in trailer and also in behind the scene featurette. I think only Canadian version from Maple is edit because is 90 minutes and other versions is 97 minutes.
Undead (Good)
White Dog Sacrifice
Tales Of Voodoo Volume 2 (Bad is good - Double Feature is contain movie called Ghost Ninja and another I cant rememeber. But is Ghost Ninja is a very bad ninja movie and is hilarious!!!!! I love this. The good ninja is call people on his Garfield telephone and the bad ninja gang is out of shape losers and with no martial art skill! Zero skill! This movie is funny bad.)
Zombiez (garbage - very bad but is good for laugh with friends. First is not even zombies in this movie is like a gang. Also is rediculous things is happen. One scene is the woman is run out from the forest and is almost hit with a car. The car is crash into post but car is not even near to the post. So woman go to see if driver is ok and she open the door and the drive fall out and her heart if fall on the floor and the woman say do you have cell phone? Then she is hear moan from the forest and she think is her husband and she go see and is the zombie gang people and they throw a rock at her in the head and then they laugh. Very stupid. Is good only to make fun of with friends and some beer.
Buisness is Business
Century Hotel
Tail Sting
They Crawl
Werewolf Hunter

I hope this help with people who think about purchase. If you want to add a good or bad comment please do this to help so people dont make a purchase of bad dvd. Thanks

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