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2012: Track The Films You Watch

Well, it's 2012, the year of the apocalypse...may as well go down tracking your movies! Welcome to the 2012 Track the Films You Watch thread. Here is where you track every single film you watch over the course of the year. Some people run a continuous list, others break it down by month, by format, by genre, by medium. However you do it, it doesn't matter - it's your list. This is just a nice way to keep all the lists together and let everyone else see what movies you're watching. This is a discussion forum, after all!

So in this "Track The Films You Watch" thread, feel free to tabulate all your movies watched in whatever organizational method that suits you. Make one post, and one post only, and update that post every time you've seen another movie that you want to add.

So reserve your spot now, and get ready for another great year of movie watching. This is the eighth year HORROR DIGITAL members have been tracking their movies, and the previous threads can be accessed below:

2011: Track The Films You Watch
2010: Track The Films You Watch
2009: Track The Films You Watch
2008: Track The Films You Watch
2007: Track The Films You Watch
2006: Track The Films You Watch
2005: Track The Films You Watch
2004: Track The Films You Watch

If you want to comment on movies watched, or selections from other people's lists, then here's the place to do it:

Comment on the Track the Films You Watch

Be sure to participate, for all those that make it to the end of December are eligible for some free contest giveaways at the end of the year. Happy tracking, folks!
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