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Hellbound Heart
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Exclamation Moist Fury!

WTF? I got a chuckle just from the synopsis(s) of this film:

It's Death Wish meets Savage Streets in this over the top gooftastic 80's style revenge flick from Chris Seaver and Low Budget Pictures.

When the Crimson Queafs best fighter, Dewback, is killed off to even the playing field in the weekly girl gang bitch fights, the Queafs must take bloody revenge on the evil overlord Doom Blade and his Bitch gang the Roast Beefs, for murdering one of their own.

In the middle of all of this is the anguish filled nomad warrior known as Death Bone. He too has had something taken from him and is out to exact his own barnd of vengeance. The Queafs and Death Bone team up to take Doom Blade and his Bitches down for good.
It's "Death Wish" meets "Savage Streets" meets "Monty Python" in this over the top 80's style revenge comedy. When their best fighter, Dewback, is killed, the Queafs must exact bloody vengeance! In the middle of their war, a lone nomad warrior comes into the picture & begrudgingly helps the girls on their quest for revenge. Set in post apocalyptic 1989 and filled to the brim with cheesy acting, bad production value and horrible 80's metal, this throwback to exploitation of the past is sure to get your blood pumping and your funny bone moist with fury!
The artwork is pretty grand too:

Apparently the entire film (all 65+ minutes) is on YouTube to view for free.

I'm surprised Troma didn't have a hand with this film...
"There are no heroes...in life, the monsters win." - George R.R. Martin

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i'm surprised as well...mr. seaver used to be in cahoots with troma, having lloyd and the gang cameo in mulva:zombie ass kicker and himself and crew having a few cameos in the troma edge tv show...
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Moist Fury sounds like something else entirely!
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death wish, moist fury, monty python, savage streets

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