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Blast from past! (The Seduction 1982)

Havent seen this since cable in early 83. and never seen it since. I remember as a 10 year old kid watching it alot since it was on alot. Nudity. and lots of picture taking and stalking. I recall fairchild being alot older even then. and andrew stevens was good as her stalker. I think it only had like one murder including him, think he killed her boyfriend, and i remmeber her skinny dipping. They show some clips of this in terror in the ailes..Anyone else recall seeing this on on cable back when cable was cool..
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I was maybe 12 or 13 and my best friend at the time showed it to me at his house while his parents were at work. He was obsessed with Morgan Fairchild's nude scenes. I kept hoping Andrew Stevens would drop his towel. Ah, puberty...

I have the Anchor Bay DVD but have only watched it once. VERY slow. And not ridiculous enough to be a camp comedy like "The Fan". I was looking forward to director Schmoeller's commentary but he's overpowered by producer Irwin Yablans. Schmoeller apparently hated having to cast Fairchild as the lead; he wanted Teresa Russell.
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yeah. just re watched it on you tube yesterday. your right , a borefest. fairchilds nude scenes were quick too, I often wonder as a 10 year old kid how i kept intrest during those in between scenes.. i must have had more patience then..
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