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Old 11-04-2011, 04:15 AM   #16
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Honestly I loved it, I'm a fan of the first two but never bothered with the third. I just ordered this movie tonight on a whim and thought it was a great gory way to spend ninety minutes.
Some genuine suspense at times, a creepy wintry setting, demented looking killers, sadistic violence, copious gore and nudity along with a fast pace.
Sure there were a few WTF moments but not enough to detract from a really well done backwoods killer flick.
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I had a blast with this one, but I'm an unashamed fan of the entire series (flawed as they may be, they're just fun). I'm also a sucker for stuff set in weird abandoned buildings and stuff too.
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Old 12-20-2011, 07:42 AM   #18
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It started out so cliched and by the numbers that i almost respected it as a cool 80's throwback, and then WT4 took some unexpected turns. Well worth a cheap rental.
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Old 12-22-2011, 03:25 PM   #19
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Caught up with this last night and was pleasantly surprised. After reading a few bad reviews I had held off, but me and the misses really dug this one. Yeah the characters all sucked, but that was part of the fun. We couldn't wait for them to die, so when they did die, it was that much better. Kid mutants looked a bit bad, but that "fundue" scene is worth the price of a rent at least. I actually downloaded it expecting to not like it (esp. after part 3 which I just can't seem to like), but will go grab the next blu-ray I see of it now. It brought the fun back to the series, 3 missed that somehow.

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Old 02-18-2012, 06:20 AM   #20
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did a little wrong turn sequel marathon today, having not seen any of them before. figured here was as good a place as any to post my thoughts on them.

Part 2
The opening kill with the chick in the red convertible is pretty great, but as soon as I saw it was one of those reality show movies, I was about ready to turn it off. Seriously, it's a TERRIBLE concept to base a film around. but then, strangely, it began to win me over. And the more the reality show element got dropped from the proceedings, the better it got. One of the best things about this movie was how unexpected the kills were. Either characters I thought were going to make it were suddenly killed off, or characters whose deaths were pretty much guaranteed ended up getting it in ways and at times that I just didn't expect. Plus Henry Rollins, who's always awesome. A really solid slasher flick, once all was said and done. If they'd been able to figure out some other macguffin to get the characters out in the woods, rather than the reality tv angle, i think it could have been truly great. But as it stands, I'd say it's as good as the first, if only just.

Part 3
It's got a decent opening scene (although the chick with the nice rack couldn't die soon enough - what was wrong with her line delivery? For a second there I was wondering if she'd been dubbed.), but even that is marred by some truly bad CGI. I'm willing to forgive bad CGI in a lot of cases. In a movie like Dagon, they had a low budget and wanted to capture scenes that you just couldn't do in reality. But with a backwoods slasher, you should be able to get everything you need from practical effects, so bad CGI deaths are just unnecessary. From there the movie goes downhill and stays there throughout. I couldn't have cared less about the convicts and the guards, and I found myself really drifting throughout this one, surfing the internet, and not really paying attention half the time. When the hot deputy showed up near the end in some kind of barbed-wire S&M get-up, I thought maybe I'd missed something. But no, the last time she'd been on screen, she'd been sitting at her desk, talking on her phone. was something cut out there? how the hell did she end up in the hillbilly's house? she was hot, so more stuff with her would have been a good thing. can't think of why they would have cut it out, if there was something. and if there wasn't, then it's kind of an odd thing to do in a film of this caliber. anyway, back on topic, the movie was pretty lousy. people bitch about the tacked-on ending, but since I hadn't cared much about any of the characters up until that point, i actually found it amusing in an eye-rolling way.

Part 4
Not sure why this had to be a prequel. We had different families of mutant hillbilly's in the other sequels, so why does this one have to be linked so specifically to the first film's baddies? about the only thing that accomplishes is that you know that in the end, none of the villains is actually going to die. which doesn't work in the films favor. otherwise, though, this was definitely a better film than 3. not sure if it was as good as 2, since there were too many characters to keep track of, and nobody really gets it until the movie is half over. the hospital set-up scene was also just weak, i thought. poor makeup, no suspense, and it just went on for too long. of course my attention was immediately grabbed again by the copious amount of nudity that immediately follows, which is always appreciated. so yeah, the girls were hot this time around, and the kills were better. and also, i really enjoyed the final kills. it kind of echoes the ending to the third one in a way, but it was handled in such a great way, i really loved it. and i also enjoyed the payoff for the one who went for help. all-in-all, good stuff. this, along with part 2, is highly recommended.

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I too really liked this one but I've enjoyed the entire series so far for what it is which is brainless fun.
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Old 01-06-2013, 06:05 AM   #22
Mutilated Prey
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While this one was MUCH better than Part 3, some of the decision making still drove me nuts. And that Asian chick - she couldn't die fast enough. Overall, a great recovery from Part 3. Love the snowy/GhostKeeper atmosphere! The ending cracked me up too. We'll see how Part 5 does.
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