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Last year, I ordered a Sharp BD-HP25u RegionFree BluRay DVD Player from


I have had no issues with it. DVDs play automatically regardless of the region. With the Blu-rays, you have to hit a couple of buttons on the remote before playing. Super easy and stays region free when you upgrade the firmware.
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Originally Posted by Stige View Post
well the cost is more but,
I found the best thing was buying a bluray burner and burning a region free copy every time I buy another region. Costs more pr bluray, but I know if the player breaks i can buy a "good" player without worrying
How do you do this? Do you need a specific program to change the region code?
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^^ Anydvd HD can remove the region code, you just need to copy and burn it to a blank disc then.


there are probably other ways too.
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Burning a Region locked BD to a blank BD-R seems like a huge waste of time and money.

Originally Posted by Egg_Shen View Post
I'm still rockin' my insignia I bought for $40.00 about a year ago. Not the best machine, but it works. I only have four or five discs that are not region A, so $500 is not something I want to spend on them.
Yup…no problems here either. I actually have been using it frequently too.

**knocks on wood**
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Old 03-20-2013, 03:05 PM   #20
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So I got my Oppo BDP-103. Although quite pricey, this is one solid piece of hardware. I'm really happy with my purchase, and Bombay Electronics shipped it super quick. It plays my import blus without a hitch. It's nice to know too that it supports 4k if I ever get a new set in the future. If I had to pick a downside, it would be that the included wireless USB dongle is weak as hell. I'll be buying a better one in a week or so.

Highly recommended if you have the extra bucks.
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Originally Posted by buck135 View Post
When I get a DVD from a foreign country, the subtitles or audio is usually defaulted to that specific country. I use the Audio button on the remote (which is right below the left/right/up & down arrows) to modify the audio and the Sub button is right next to it which takes care of the subtitles. Hope this helps.
Oops. No, I meant do you know any way to make the subtitles not play at all by default?

I can turn them off with the remote, but I'm lazy and it's annoying to do that with every DVD (and they turn back on when I pause/ff/rew etc.).
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