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Back cover, but it doesn´t help!
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Originally Posted by zbinks View Post
I've read conflicting reports, one guy said he got the original 2008 disc (and posted pictures supporting this statement), while another guy said he got the Ultimate Hunter Edition.
Originally Posted by Demoni View Post

Back cover, but it doesn´t help!
I've heard the conflicting stories and seen pictures to back them up, so it's like buying a lottery ticket: you don't know which disc you'll get until you open it. I'd suggest buy used, then you can ask the seller what the disc art looks like and tell from that, or look yourself if you find one in a store.

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Originally Posted by Demoni View Post

Back cover, but it doesn´t help!
The 2008 release (non-DNR'er release) doesn't have a French 5.1 Dolby Digital track, to my knowledge.
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Zombie Dude
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Might just check for non American Editions. Wasn't there one with a new "no DNR" transfer released somewhere or am I mistaken?
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Fox are supposedly prepping a "3D" version of Predator on Blu-ray for later this year. I'm not sure how well that'd work out, but I've heard the "3D" version of Top Gun looked pretty good...so perhaps. As long as the idiots leave off the fucking DNR this time around!

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predator blu

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