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Ebert made me a movie lover and his show with Siskel was ultra important to my childhood. This is very sad news for movie lovers and couch critics everywhere. I will miss his thoughts
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Aside from his anti slasher crusade, I think the guy was a fan of horror films. I recall him giving thumbs up to films like Class Of 1984, Q The Winged Serpent, Scream 2, and Silver Bullet. I didn't always agree with the guy but I found him to be a fair critic most of the time. Like many others here I would never have even looked into films like Anthropophagus and I Spit On Your Grave if it weren't for Siskel and Ebert telling me not to. R.I.P., I will miss him.
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RIP Ebert.

A lot of fans have always held a grudge against him for the anti-slasher crusade, and for trashing THE BEYOND when it was given a theatrical re-release in the late 90's. In fairness to him though, he only watched it once, and THE BEYOND has many admirers who nonetheless admit that it took them multiple viewings to warm up to it. Also, asking a thoroughly mainstream critic of his generation to appreciate Fulci was probably too much to hope for anyways.

When you exclude horror films from the equation, I have found that Ebert's taste in movies is very similar to my own. I have also found that when I agreed with an Ebert opinion I usually really agreed with it, and when I disagreed with one of his opinions I really disagreed with it.
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Jack Grendel
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Rest well Mr. Ebert, job well done and one day we'll meet again until then The Balcony Is Closed!
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King Diamond
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I think it's become something of a myth that Ebert didn't like horror movies. He gave a highly positive review to The Last House on the Left, for cryin' out loud. The list of horror titles that he reviewed favorably would be massive, but here are a few off the top of my head: Halloween, Dawn of the Dead (he liked both the original and the remake, but he gave the original a perfect score), Re-Animator, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, The Devil's Rejects, The Cabin in the Woods...

He just didn't like mindless body count movies, and there's nothing inherently wrong with that. Maybe his crusade against slasher movies was a bit much, but I can't knock the guy in general for demanding more out of movies.
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Erick H.
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While I often disagreed with Ebert's reviews,sometimes vehemently,on whole I respected him.He clealy LOVED film and his energy in supporting (or defending) a film he liked was infectious.
The "anti horror" thing was somewhat misleading.In general Ebert was not a slasher fan because he felt the films were misogynistic,an avowed feminist he didn't like the idea of woman being paraded around on screen and then carved up.Saying that,he was the first major critic to admit to liking HALLOWEEN (gave it 4 stars) and really helped break that film to a wider audience.Some controversial horror films he LOVED (he was an unabashed fan of LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT,in fact his review was used in ads for the film,a film you could argue was MORE abusive of woman than any slasher).While he gave what seemed like a damning review of NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD it seems he was MOSTLY outraged by the fact that it was being double billed in many locals with DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS,a "G'' rated sci-fi film.His current star rating of NIGHT is actually quite high.Ebert championed Brian DePalma and gave great reviews to stuff like Larry Cohen's Q and famously LOATHED the infamous I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE.Honestly,he was all over the map on horror.When he liked something he wasn't afraid to support it,even when it was controversial.In fact the last review of his that I read prior to his death was a rave review for Harmony Korine's current SPRING BREAKERS,which is shaping up to be one of the most controversial films of the year.

While I often differed with him on opinions,even some beliefs,I respected that he stood his ground for what he believed in.I may not agree with you,but if you can make a heartfelt argument for your opinion,one that doesn't resort to an obnoxious rant,I can respect you.I respected Roger Ebert.
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living in the UK I had heard of siskel and ebert and noticed quotes on VHS boxes from there review's but had never seen a full review until now, I have just seen there review of Friday the 13th part 4, WOW, they really did not like it!!!! I found it quite funny and I have to say if I had never heard of Friday the 13th and saw that review I would track the film down in a heartbeat!!! RIP.
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Just wanted to post this as a greatest hits sort of thing.


I always thought his review of Human Centipede was one of the best (fairest) out there. And, I think it adequately sums up his attitude towards horror films in general. He wanted artistry and intelligence in films. Not that all films needed to be Bunuel and Tarkovsky, but that they should exhibit the care and craftsmanship that an artist provides. And even when he found a film that he believed was wholly repellent, he still had to admit that there was art in there and he had to respect that even if he didn't agree with it.

Sure, he made some bad calls from time to time. But, he was also known to go back and re-review films that he admittedly just "didn't get" the first time around. Pretty commendable.

I still have a beef with his comments about video games. But, at least he spurred some interesting discussions with that one.
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Why would Ebert give a terrible review for The Devils? He gave it zero stars out of four.
I give The Devils highest rating possible. One of the greatest of all time.
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Originally Posted by MrTransistor1 View Post
Why would Ebert give a terrible review for The Devils? He gave it zero stars out of four.
I give The Devils highest rating possible. One of the greatest of all time.
i haven't seen The Devils, but I would guess that if you want to know why Ebert didn't like it, you should probably read his review...

I liked Ebert's reviews. When it came to mainstream movies, he was usually pretty on the money. As for horror movies, well...if he gave it a good review, then you could usually count on it being pretty decent (I remember Anchor Bay's old VHS of Evil Dead II having a 3-star quote from Ebert on the cover). But even if he gave it a bad review, he was such an articulate writer that I could often recognize by what he wrote if it was something that would appeal to me or not. So I found his reviews valuable regardless of whether or not I actually agreed with his conclusions.
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