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Banned Mofo
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What would you like to see in a "Evil Dead 4 IV"

What would be your dream Evil Dead 4 oh I meant Army of Darkness II 2
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The Chaostar
Johnny Hallyday forever
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One with

Good farcical comedy
Inventive gore
No CGI whatsoever
Very scary bad guys
Some stop-motion f/x would be nice but I'm pushing it.
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Thrash or be Thrashed
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Bruce is a must! None of this alternate / chick version stuff but full on Bruce

I'd like to see more of the skeleton army with more armaments

More common folk being possessed by the deadites

A comedic balance that's half as much as ED II had

New varieties of deadites (flying bat, ground tunnelers, snake / amphibious)

Tons more one-liners
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Mikey Horror
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As long as Bruce and Sam are involved and Bruce is actually in it, I'd be up for anything they'd come up with.
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