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You guys got sour balls?
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Originally Posted by Evil Dead Guy
I liked this movie also, still wanting to get the DVD. I prefer the evil dead theme over the host also, it sounded like the host kept talking through an iron tube.

Click on here to see the farting zombies in action - http://www.horrorvideo.com/clips/spookies.asf
That's funny!
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Hellbound Heart
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Originally Posted by Hellbilly
Here's hoping for a decent R1 DVD.
Same here, until then I guess the Vipco R2 will have to do. Too bad Program Power aren't still around, this seems like it would have been a great title for them to release.
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The Fucking King
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If Robert Tilton were a zombie..............

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Big Bobby D
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I used to love this movie when I was little and for a little while I even owned a copy of the old Sony vhs. I remeber it being one of the first, if not first horror movies I ever seen, because my Dad used to be big into horror movies before he went and turned into a born again Christian. But anyway, I remember him letting me watch this one because it wasn't too violent, there was no nudity and if I remeber there really wasn't any cussing in it, so my parents really didn't mind me watching it. I saw it lately and thought it sucked though. I cannot stand the old bald guy who has that cheesy voice, the guy that wants to bring his bride back from the grave, and his son that wears the robe, you know, the one who is supposed to be a ghoul but he has regular Halloween face paint on? And what about that gay looking werewolf that killed the kid in the beginning? And yes I totally remember the farting mud-muck men in the basement, as well as the Asian spider woman; a grim reaper like statue that came to life and a green lizard looking thing. Yeah, this is a shitty movie but it does have great special effects. I also read somewhere that this movie was spliced together from 2 or 3 other movies as I remember that there were 3 directors for this movie, and a movie that has 3 directors sure outta tell ya that it's gonna suck. But, no matter how sucky this movie is, it holds a special place in my heart (crying and weeping right now!) as one of the the first, if not first horror movies I ever saw.
Maybe since Sony is taking over MGM they'll release it onto dvd (o.k., that's really doubtful!) so for the time being you can get the Vipco dvd that I think goes by the movie's original title of Twisted Souls.

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Ring who?
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How does the spookies compare to the MUNCHIES??
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Slow, Deep & Hard
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Originally Posted by shift
How does the spookies compare to the MUNCHIES??
Ohhh, tough call. I love Munchies. Spookies is quite enjoyable. If you're a fan of cheesy low-budget 80's creature features this should be right up your alley. Its got some pretty good FX work and the acting is about as horrendous as you can get. I like it. And again, how can you go wrong with farting zombies?
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I saw this movie a long time ago. The cover to the Nomads tape box always reminded me of this movie for some reason.
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I was recently a guest on the Bloodbaths & Boomsticks podcasts and will be again in the future and those guys are always talking about Spookies. They love the film so much that they did a fan commentary for it along with some cast/crew interviews.

You can check out the fan commentary, interview with actor Anthony Valbiro, and interview with FX artist/actor Al Magliochetti here

You can listen to the interview with co-producer Frank Farel here

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The Vipco DVD is actually R0, not R2 as listed on the back case.

Fun little flick.
+6 trader.
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