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I Have A Fetish
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I just pulled the trigger right now for the Scanners steelbook. Hopefully no dings in it when it arrives. Looks like a fantastic release. On a side note, Scanners was the very first "R" rated film I saw in the theater. I was 13 at the time. Yeah, I'm getting a bit up there in age.
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The steelbook arrived a couple of days ago - love the simple design of just the iconic image of Micheal Ironside's head on fire, the title of the film and NOTHING else. I hate when they stick blurbs, quotes and other junk all over the place.

PQ is great, considering the age and budget of the film. The extras package was satisfactory. Would've loved some input from Ironside but all the interviews were fun and interesting, especially the producer, Pierre David His comments about the script not being finished by the time the film was shooting made sense - I felt the film maybe had stuff cut out or there was material that was underdeveloped. Not sure what else Criterion could come up with but I'm happy with this release.

I haven't seen the sequels but somehow I think they picked up the pace somewhat and turned them into action films. Am I wrong?
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Review of Second Sights BD of The Brood

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bruce h
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Blu-Ray.com on THE BROOD. I'm still waiting out the Criterion disc, but this looks nice.


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david cronenberg, scanners, the brood

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