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Hellbound Heart
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Originally Posted by Undeadcow View Post
I read on blu-ray.com's forum that Jeff Lieberman was intentionally sending these out of sequence to confuse how many had actually been sold; if true then the numbered item a person receives may not indicate quantity remaining.
That's not too surprising, they did the same thing with the Linnea Quigley Horror Workout "Limited" DVD's.

Like I said before, if you want something you gotta grab it before it disappears. I'd rather pay now for something I really want than far more $$$ later.
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Originally Posted by bruce h View Post
Strange, I just ordered mine last weekend and I'm #265. Maybe he's doing them in batches?
I think this means we're related! Ha, actually his sequence in our particular cases may not be so random as I ordered mine maybe the week before you did. Obviously not totally in order, but in our case not terribly far off either.
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The prices have been discounted. $24.95 for the blu-ray, $19.95 for the DVD. However, it doesn't appear they will be autographed.
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What the hell, I'm in for $25. Thanks for the heads up on the discounted price.
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I bought one for $25. I've never seen the movie but I loved Blue Sunshine and Just Before Dawn. Not to mention I have no problem supporting filmmakers directly.
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it's a really fun movie, the Blu Ray looks good and has a commentary, well worth $25
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