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Finally. Was able to find some decent prices on Creepy/Eerie Archives at Comic-Con. Not at the Dark Horse Booth, you can believe that. But I found a couple independent dealers. One was doing 25% off hardcovers, which isn't bad, but isn't great either. A few booths down though, someone had 50% off. Now we're talkin'!

So I got Creepy Archives #13, and the collections of Bernie Wrightson and Richard Corben. Really good stuff. I might get one or two more on Sunday if there's still some left, but they do get heavy in my messenger bag.

Then, I attended the Creepy/Eerie panel later in the afternoon. Nothing earth-shattering, except they did show a "sizzle reel" of Chris Columbus' planned Creepy movie(s). It looks pretty good, although it's really just a lot of effects shots in order to get a movie greenlit. We're still a good 2 years away from actually seeing one. They claimed a release date of July 2016, but it was quite clear they were just screwing around with the date. I think they said July 11, who knows if that even falls on a Friday.

Anyway, I got some good reading ahead of me....and it's only the first day of Con!
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