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Originally Posted by dave13 View Post
i have no kind of schedule for watching or rewatching films. for years i really avoided rewatching films, as i had so many that i hadn't watched at all. recently i've been mixing it up more, and i like that a lot - it makes my collection feel like its got a lot more practical value beyond just being a collection. however, i do have over a thousand films, so there are some i haven't watched in a decade, and may not watch for a while to come, either. but they're films i like, and i have no intention of getting rid of them.

right now i would say i rewatch a film from my "library" maybe once a week, and the other...3, 4, or 5 films i watch in a given week (i would estimate) are "new" viewings - i.e. films i've either never seen, or have not watched since i bought a copy.
This is EXACTLY how I was, and am now.

Originally Posted by shape22 View Post
I really look forward to October and the Horror Digital marathons because I make time to blow through a large number of the flicks in my "need to watch" pile. Too bad there are 11 other months in the year.
Yeah horror films, especially in Oct. get the most re-watches, and I usually get through a stack of unwatched discs that month as well.
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There is some DVDs I watch a few times a year and others I might watch once every 3 or 4 years.
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