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Originally Posted by bruce h View Post
Shout Factory have stated on Facebook that if this disc sells well enough they'll give more '70s and '80s TV horrors a shot.

I already have my preorder in. :-)
Got my pre-order in also.

I'm hoping they release Midnight Offerings (1981)
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Watched this on netflix and really enjoyed it. I might buy the DVD release if the price is right.
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I watched both TV Terrors this past weekend, and enjoyed them both quite a bit.

Initiation of Sarah was the better film, but Are you in the House Alone(?!) had a surprisingly relevant message about the treatment of rape victims. Both ended up being better than I expected them to be (not that my expectations were low, or anything). Does anybody know if this set did well enough for Scream to consider releasing more? If so, I wonder which one's they'd choose?
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Glad you liked them, dave. I enjoyed them both too, although I think SARAH is a far better film. I found ALONE to be a little anti-climactic and kind of drawn out, but I do agree that the message was a good one and pretty progressive for the time.

I hope they do more, and I'd love to see DON'T GO TO SLEEP and THE SPELL next.
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^ I was disappointed that Are You In The House Alone? wasn't really a horror movie, but as a made-for-tv junkie, I still enjoyed it regardless. Love Initiation Of Sarah, even visited the house from the film when I was in Los Angeles. Also thought the recent remake was surprisingly fun in a contemporary teen-movie way.

As for more, I guess it depends on the era.

If we're talking early '70s ABC Movie Of The Week, Home For The Holidays and Crowhaven Farm would make a great double feature. Warner Archive already tacked Bad Ronald, Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark, etc.

For the '80s, The Midnight Hour Collector's Edition blu-ray would be a holy grail. As for double features, I'd love Deadly Lessons / Midnight Offerings, This House Possessed / Don't Go To Sleep. I Saw What You Did and Sorry, Wrong Number would be a great double feature, both remakes of similar films.

As for the '90s, I'd really love for someone to start tackling all the amazing USA Network Premiere movies. I loved those, still have a ton of them on VHS. Buried Alive and Buried Alive II would be an amazing double feature, as would Deadly Game and Snow Kill. Haunting Of Sarah Hardy / Haunting Of Seacliff Inn / The Crying Child would be a fun combo, Trapped / Nightmare On The 13th Floor, Wheels Of Terror / Strays, The Lookalike / Duplicates, The Companion / High Desert Kill, I'm Dangerous Tonight / Trilogy Of Terror II, etc. Even though they were already released on DVD, I'd love for the Cabin By The Lake double feature to be re-released.
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I've always wanted a "Revenge of the Stepford Wives/The Stepford Children" double feature. The super dull "The Stepford Husbands" can remain lost in obscurity.
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