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Originally Posted by Mikey Horror View Post
I'll be sticking with my Anchor Bay special edition DVD. No way I'm supporting bullshit, half-assed releases like this anymore.
Me neither. I already own the DVD, and this is one that is an easy decision NOT to buy the Blu-Ray. When I make a decision for upgrading to Blu-Ray is if I watch it multiple times and it will look excellent on Blu-Ray, and the cost is right. The first Blu-Ray I purchased, and at the time I didn't even own a Blu-Ray player, let alone a HD TV, was the Limited Edition of Evil Dead, and for me, that was a no-brainer. Evil Dead for me, hands down, is my top favorite movie, and it's looks great on Blu-Ray.
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Originally Posted by FulciLuvver View Post
What a worthless release this looks to be. It's obviously an old transfer
Hasn't this been the pattern with Image for awhile now? I seem to remember someone here complaining about them very recently.

On the flip side, have Image produced any must-have, laud-worthy blus yet?

Also, who released Basket Case's Blu-ray? I was told Image and Something Weird are much one in the same.
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Cropsy Maniac
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Yes, Image presses the Something Weird blu-rays. I'm shocked to read the negative opinions on this one. I was totally impressed by this new bare release by Image. The transfer is as different as night & day to the AB Divimax release. Much greater detail, right from the beginning the store interiors in Old Chief Woodenhead are a revelation, along with never before seen movements in the statue (oops or intentional?). The nighttime Bangor, ME streets in The Hitchhiker look true to the Bangor streets in reality (never did before). There's lots of interesting textures in this one. But I do love the supplements on the Divimax, won't be parting with it.

Added: The lake blob never looked so much like melted trash bags like it does on blu.
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^^ I thought the Blu-ray looked pretty good too. It's not great, and certainly could look better...but it's superior to the old DVD transfers. I really doubt we'll get a better Blu-ray release anytime soon.
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I don't think I'm buying anymore Blu-rays that are bare bones or have less features then my DVD.This is very disappointing.
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