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Originally Posted by DVD-fanatic-9 View Post
When I first saw it, it actually punched me a bit. I was shaking when it was over. Which is how I know it works as a horror film. But for years while I was figuring it out, I knew the movie was much more than just a joke or some light ironic twists.

Of course I was excited after Scream to start renting all the slashers I missed. But most of them sucked (the exceptions are few: Friday the 13th and sequels, Just Before Dawn, and Jack Sholder's Alone in the Dark is just a bit more take it than leave it). And I don't think Scream was even trying to paint the genre in a negative light, even on Williamson's end- if you paid attention to Sidney, I think you know she was a sympathetic character (ish) but the movie was not siding with her point of view at all. She was shown as naïve in every way a character could be- she trusted the killer, was hellbent on seeing an innocent guy killed for her mother's murder, went upstairs when being chased 1 minute after saying she'd go out the front door, claimed that movies turn people into killers when you know both Craven and Williamson have both stated that's horseshit. The list basically goes on.

When the movie's over, sure she gets a snappy one-liner but she's also pushed aside (ambulance'd or car'd away by the sheriff) while Gale Weathers swoops in, in true-to-her-character opportunism and glory-hounding, to continue using other people's misery for her own benefit... And that's the end of the film.

I've heard the "it's about mocking the genre" thing quite a few times. Can you remember the last time a reporter was a major character in a horror / slasher film? Hellraiser III is the best I've got. I think the point of the film was to challenge the attitudes of people outside who look in and judge others. Then, if you remember Serial Mom, you have a good idea of where kids get the idea to do that.

Scream is a brilliant film and still, no one seems to know why.
You make some good points DVD Fanatic. I will give it another shot.
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