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Pay the price!
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This and Bad Dreams arrived from Amazon this week but I'm waiting for my new TV to be delivered so I can watch them on the big screen.
The Strip is my playground.

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Originally Posted by onebyone
I didn't notice the first time, but I double checked for you and I had a brief audio glitch when the nurses were rating dates at about 19:26.

Now, as to why you thought that was the ten minute mark....
I'm slow in the head lol I rechecked it when I was finished watching the movie and it's at exactly 19:26...what can I say, the opening of the movie goes fast for me....it seemed like ten minutes.
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Robinson Crusoe on Mars
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Just watched my DVD last night with some friends. They were into it more than I expected. I think they were expecting a cheese-fest with dumb teens a la "The Burning", ect. so they found the villian and main characters pretty intriguing.
Good film, overall. Still holds well. We, never for one second, felt William Shatner was at all serious in his role.
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Old 10-02-2013, 12:14 AM   #34
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This is now available on Netflix Streaming in HD.
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Erick H.
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I'd never seen this straight through until about a year ago.The Carolina Theater had been trying to get a 35 mm print for years but the studio didn't have one.Amazingly,a print they were unaware of showed up in storage and Carolina was able to screen it.It appeared to be a composite of two prints,one being almost pristine,the other very good.Honestly,I have seen new movies look a lot worse ! I quite enjoyed this,very entertaining .It was doubled with THE EYES OF LAURA MARS,the studios archive print,which hadn't been played since 1978.Looked brand new ! Great fun.
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Remaking My Soul
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The quality on YouTube isn't bad at all, I'm not sorry I missed watching it on Netflix (my computer barely tolerates YT).
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