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Originally Posted by f.ramses View Post
This thread on UK Anime might be of some interest to some here. It seems that it is also possible to restrict playback based on the language setting on the player (and, possibly, your IP address if you hooked the player up to the internet...), they call it "geolocking". Fortunately it doesn't sound like much to worry about, I bet it's not even an issue for HTPC users. Who knows though, it could catch on. :/ Something to be aware of...
Good grief. Thankfully my Orei doesn't connect to the internet without an ethernet connection.
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Oh, yeah... If anyone gets a disc that won't play under any region and decides to try and switch the player language/country setting to the native language of the country the disc is from or a native language from it's region to try and get it to play, I suggest that you figure out and write down the button sequence that will change the player back to English before you change it. It is easy enough to find English in some languages but I have no idea how many are like that; my Momitsu actually came with a printout of the button sequence that I would need to set the language from Japanese to English; it would have been impossible for me to do this without it! lol
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I don't have my 0rei connected to the internet either. Common sense leads to be believe someone would put a bug on my player.
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