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Originally Posted by Hatchetwarrior View Post
Maybe it is just me but I really don't get all the hype surrounding this film because I thought it was just ok. If anything this is Adam Wingard's best film to date, but that is not saying too much. Homesick was barely watchable and cringe worthy throughout, A Horrible Way To Die was descent but had an incredibly absurd ending, and his contributing segments to V/H/S, V/H/S/2, and The ABC's Of Death left a lot to be desired. As far as You're Next goes, it is a step in the right direction but I'm still not sold on his abilities as a director. There is a lot of really good gore, the masks worn by the killers are very creepy and the twist ending was well done. But what really baffles me is whether or not the film was suppose to be scary or darkly funny. Considering how over the top and "Home Alone" esque the kills were conflicts with the very serious tone of the film as a whole. Also there were a number of scenes that just drove me nuts with the level of stupidity invloved from a writing stand point.
Why the Hell did they use those chairs in order to walk past the window to avoid getting speared with an arrow when they each could have crawled on the ground to 100% avoid danger?
Why didn't anyone think it was suspicious that the youngest son knew within 10 seconds of their phones not working that someone was blocking the signal using "illegal signal blocking" equipment?
And the one moment that made me laugh out loud: When Felix suggests that they go into the basement for safety and the Aussie chicks a mediate response to that is "no, they could easily dump gasoline on the steps and light a match!" that line almost killed me. Any rational person's response to that would be no because you can easily be trapped and killed.

Overall I thought You're Next was mediocre. (6/10)
So many great points and I felt the same way. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it for what it was. No classic, but entertaining!
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