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Did anyone here get a chance to catch this on the big screen this week?

I just got back from seeing it. I actually drove 2 hours to the nearest theater. I'm honestly not sure if I liked it or not. It was definitely... out there. Had a bit of a Human Centipede vibe. Whether I liked it or not, I'm glad I went out and supported it, because it's always a treat to see something so bizarre and off-the-beaten-path on the big screen.

I think my major gripe was a certain celebrity cameo near the end of the movie... it's not really a cameo I guess, it's a main role, but the character doesn't turn up until the final half-hour. For the most part, the movie is played with a straight-face, but this character was just so over-the-top it became an eye-rolling comedy. The premise of the movie is absolutely ridiculous so you can't help but laugh, but the movie itself worked better when it was keeping a straight-face. Whenever this character was on screen, my interest started to drift.

I'd be curious to hear what others thought of the movie.
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Haven't seen it yet but I loved the trailer. Made me so excited to check it out. Of course I'm not even sure if it played near here.
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Old 09-26-2014, 06:19 PM   #3
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Kevin Smith’s Tusk is little more than the cinematic equivalent of a dare

Moderators of post-screening Q&A sessions often kick things off with a faintly dull ice-breaker: “Where did the idea for this movie come from?” In the case of Kevin Smith’s ludicrous Tusk, however, it’s a crucial question, as the film’s existence makes no sense without some knowledge of how it was inspired. Briefly, Smith and his producer, Scott Mosier, who host a weekly podcast together, were pranked by a fan who planted a classified ad in which someone claimed to offer free room and board, provided that the tenant were willing to dress up as a walrus 24/7. For an hour, the two of them extemporized a movie treatment based on this bizarre notion, turning it into a horror film in which the unwitting respondent would be surgically transformed into a walrus. Smith then invited his Twitter followers to vote on whether he should actually make the movie, using the hashtags #WalrusYes and #WalrusNo. #WalrusYes, they cried.

full review at the av club: C-

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Originally Posted by thing View Post
Well as the video explains, I do not think it is a great film, nor do I think.
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May be seeing it this week. Not a Kevin Smith fan, but this piqued my interest:

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What ever you do, don't search for movie Tuck.

You'll get a whole other different transforming movie.
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Man, I fucking hated this movie. This is what happens when you give a stoner access to a camera.

I'm a Kevin Smith fan, too, although I get far less excited about his product nowadays. One he started smoking marijuana, he became insanely boring. Tusk is a perfect example of this. I pretty much got the entire gist of the creation of this film (as Workshed outlined above) in the closing credits, where Smith and Mosier's Smodcast "treatment" of the film is played out. Smith is beside himself laughing at the concept, to the point where he's just not talking anymore. In other words, it's like listening to a stoner ramble on. Surprise surprise, watching the movie gives you the exact same feeling.

It never knows if it's a horror film or a comedy. The basic concept is so absurd, it should be played for laughs, but they keep trying to make it serious. Man, if I want that, I'll just watch The Room. And what's with the Canadian jokes? It was funny the first 2-3 times (and that's being generous), but once "Guy Lapointe" comes on screen, it's just endlessly unfunny jokes about Canada and Canadian stereotypes. Hell, even South Park knew when to call it quits with the Canada jokes.

And I'm surprised to see that Harely Quinn Smith is actually cute as a teenager. She was pretty ugly as a little kid (she looked like her dad), and kept getting goofier looking each time Smith put her in one of his movies. Guess she passed that awkward phase finally.
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Scratch what I said about Harley Quinn Smith. It was the other girl, Johnny Depp's daughter, that was the cute one in that scene. But they're both 15, so I can't even talk about them anyway.
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I saw this at the Toronto film festival and I really enjoyed it. The horror aspects were pretty silly but it was meant to be a dark comedy. I had a different reaction to the character that CPT HOOK mentioned. To me, it was the best part of the movie.
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Just came back from it, and maybe it's the fact that so many people have dumped on it before so my expectations were low, but I thought it was pretty good. I didn't find the Kevin Smith straight comedy all that funny, and this is coming from a guy wearing a J&SBSB t-shirt right now, but the comedic horror elements were hysterical to me. I think that's why I enjoyed it as much, there's not a lot of good dark comedy like that out there.

I'm going to have to agree though with the bulk of what's been said about "Guy Lapointe," that's when the movie jumped the shark for me. It's the same bad makeup, bad hair piece and unbuyable performance that plagues the worst comedies out there. However when Michael Parks plays off him in their one and only scene together, that was pretty damn good. Lapointe was worth it for that alone, although it was all Parks working it then and not "Lampointe" himself that made it work.

However he's a small part of the finale and not truly a part of it either, so I was able to look past that and over enjoy it. I'll probably pick up the Blu-ray as it's a fucked up film I'm sure I'll want to watch again.
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it was a busy schdule last weekend, hopefully if i get some time i will try this weekend
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