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I liked the whole angle of the DJ spinning records and smoking, playing those old songs just worked right...
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Erick H.
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I caught up to this one late and though I certainly wouldn't call it a great slasher I DID find it rather fun.Not gory but with some atmospheric moments,okay cast,boosted by supporting bits by Hal Holbrook and Rutanya Alda.The radio station oldies (old even when the film was NEW) give it an odd distinction too.Called THE SCAREMAKER in the U.K.The ending,though a bit "out there" was actually kinda creepy.
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Originally Posted by YottNik View Post
Love this film, obviously if you see my avatar. It's just pure fun. Not a classic by any means but it's the definition of a guilty pleasure. Probably unlikely but I'd love to see a special edition blu-ray. Won't be holding my breath, though.
Had no idea that was your avatar. It's so small I thought it was some dood on his back with something chowing his neck, and the bear's eye I thought was a yellow paint can.
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