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Smile Cropsey

The Documentary Cropsey is going to be on Investigation Discovery chanel at 8 Central on Friday tth 13th
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I need to see this...
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This just showed up on Netflix today for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.
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Mr. Cole
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I was pretty disappointed with this. I went in thinking it would pull you in like the West Memphis 3 documentaries did, with tons of revelations along the way.

Not so with this sucker.

The footage of kids in the hospital was definitely a downer and made my skin crawl, but that has been broadcast in the past.
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Old 11-01-2010, 04:53 PM   #5
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It wasnt very good
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Old 02-08-2011, 02:42 PM   #6
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Watched this last night, it was just ok.
It was kind of creepy, but nothing special. It felt like an episode of American Justice with Bill Kurtis at times, and felt far different than the Cropsey urban legend that I was familiar with.
I studied Willowbrook in Staten Island for a biomedical ethics class once, so it was interesting to see film footage of the place but also heartbreaking for the kids who suffered there.
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Old 02-08-2011, 11:55 PM   #7
Axxon N
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Red face

I just saw this and thought it was alright. The scene with the kids in the institution was unsettling and the abandoned buildings were quite creepy. Other than that, it was about a guy that was accused of child kidnappings and murder. I'm uncertain whether I liked it or not... I'd rather watch The Burning
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Old 04-19-2015, 08:27 PM   #8
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I remember the Cropsey documentary being pretty good, but I haven't seen it since it aired on I.D. I thought it was an interesting true crime tale.

Late last night, I decided to check out the latest documentary from the Cropsey filmmakers on NetFlix: Killer Legends. I guess it was originally made for Chiller TV. The documentary takes four well-known urban legends and attempts to explore the true crime cases that inspired them. Basically, it's four 20 minute mini-versions of Cropsey, only with four different cases.

I didn't think it was an especially well put-together documentary, but I did think some of the true crime stories here were pretty interesting. The filmmakers head to the towns where the crimes were committed, visiting the actual locations of the murders, and talk to the local residents. Two of the segments were really interesting (I was unfamiliar with them), one of them is on an extremely well-known case and was haphazardly thrown together, and the last was a complete throw-away that didn't really explore anything. Regardless, it's a pretty easy and harmless watch, especially if you're interested in true crime. Horror fans will also recognize several movie clips throughout, including Campfire Tales, House Of The Devil, Black Christmas, When A Stranger Calls, Town That Dreaded Sundown, etc

The four urban legends covered are:

"The Hookman" - Investigating the infamous lover's lane / hook urban legend, they naturally wind up in Texarkana researching the "Moonlight Murders" that inspired The Town That Dreaded Sundown. Being interested in that movie, I had read up a little on the true story before, so there was nothing here that was really new. They visit the actual locations of the murders, and even check out the house where they filmed the Dawn Wells scene in the original movie. This segment was filmed just shortly after the remake was filmed, as one of the interviewees mentions that the film crew was in town just a few months ago filming the remake. I think doing a feature length documentary on the case and it's impact on the town would be interesting, certainly moreso than the Town That Dreaded Sundown remake. There's certainly enough material for one.

This particular segment was pretty sloppily thrown together though. It didn't seem very well researched. They interview some random guy standing on a street corner, and the caption underneath states "LOCAL PHANTOM EXPERT". LOL! And as a horror fan, you kind of have to roll your eyes at statements like "Town That Dreaded Sundown is widely considered to be the first-ever slasher film, predating Halloween by two years". Right... Regardless, the true story is quite terrifying, and some of that definitely seeps through the documentary and gets under your skin. I guess there's only so much you can do in 20 minutes. I think it'd make for a fascinating feature-length documentary by a filmcrew that is willing to do their homework.

"The Candyman" - This segment investigates the truth behind the old legends about people who poison Halloween candy, razorblades in the apples, etc. The film crew could only find one documented incident, where a boy in Texas died on Halloween night after eating a Pixie Stick laced with Potassium cyanide. But the truth behind what really happened was quite sad and shocking. I was unfamiliar with the case, and found it fascinating. There's even footage of Phil Donahue's segment on the case. But again, had to roll my eyes at the filmmakers attempt to connect this case to the movie Candyman, which has no connection whatsoever besides the word "candy". But whatever.

"The Babysitter And The Man Upstairs" - Watching this documentary alone at 2AM, this was the segment that truly got under my skin. Investigating the infamous "babysitter" urban legend, the film crew winds up in Missouri looking into the unsolved murder of a babysitter back in the 1950s. This was another case I was completely unfamiliar with, which is probably why I found it so compelling. The crime scene photos were really disturbing. I thought it was interesting when they talked to the neighbors, who mentioned there was another man a few years back who had turned up at the house asking about the murder (who turned out to be the 3-year-old the victim was babysitting that night). Best of the four segments.

"The Killer Clown" - This segment was a completely throw-away, and didn't really serve any purpose. I don't think the killer clown is actually even an urban legend, is it? It's just... a clown? Anyway, they end up in Chicago. Eventually, they wind up mentioning John Wayne Gacy, but don't really investigate aside from visiting the former location of his house. Then they try to tie in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting, where the perpetrator was dressed as the Joker from Batman. Doesn't really have to do with anything, or even tie into any legends about clowns. They saved the worst for last, and the documentary ends with a whimper.

If you're interested in true crime or urban legends, Killer Legends is a totally passable and easy watch, especially considering it's available free on NetFlix. I'd also recommend it if you enjoyed the Cropsey documentary. Even though the documentary is pretty sloppily thrown together, I definitely had the creeps while watching it alone in the middle of the night, based on the impact of the crimes alone. It even had me poking around snopes.com this morning. So something about it definitely left an impression.
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