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Exists - Blair Witch creator's answer to Willow Creek?

Willow Creek was an obvious take on/ripoff of/inspired by Blair Witch, only it was about Bigoot. I don't think any one will deny that influence. Now the guy who co-directed Blair With has made a found-footage film about Bigfoot. I doubt it was done in reaction to Willow Creek, but it's still kind of funny.

The trailer delivers more than Willow Creek:

Hell, the poster does too!

PS: I don't believe Exists has a thread yet but I can't seem to search for anything anymore. For example I couldn't locate the October viewing thread the other day and did a search for "October" with no results. So apologies if this already has a thread

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I am definitely excited to see this and will pick up the blu for sure..I am a total sucker for anything Bigfoot related, and this one has the pedigree to be the best of the bunch in recent years!
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Zombie Dude
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Looks ok. Seriously though, those digital/pixelated break cuts they use in most found footage is getting old. I've never once owned a camera that has done that.
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Well I love Blair Witch and Lovely Molly was pretty damn good too. I also am one of the few who isn't totally sick of found footage (but getting pickier) and I do enjoy a good Bigfoot movie. Count me in!
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Caught up to this tonight and thought it was well done. The characters were annoying but it ended up being a tense film that doesn't let up. Great look to the Sasquatch as well. I know it's not saying much but it's the best bigfoot movie I've ever seen.
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Watched this a few weeks back OnDemand. Not a fan of found-footage, but the Blair Witch guys usually have fairly creative output, so was definitely up for giving this a chance.

Definitely echoed Willow Creek, but unlike that snoozefest, I had a lot of fun with this one. Really loved the pacing. There's not any useless filler like you see in the typical found-footage movie with characters bantering on about nothing, there was always something going on here. And where most found-footage movies cram all the horror into the final five minutes, in this one our characters are in the deep within the first 20 minutes.

The movie is a very straight-forward "teens in the woods" movie, only this time with a Bigfoot, but I was never bored.
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Where do I sign up for a Blu-Ray of this mofo?
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